IN-BETWEEN (2020 - 2021)

We live in a society saturated with images, which proliferate and circulate at breakneck speed, being constantly replaced by others. The rushed ingestion of images does not allow slowness and contemplation.

Everything is transitory and must be consumed and appreciated quickly. The current time is noisy, fragmented, and destroys the silence.

The rapid switching between images makes it impossible to close your eyes. This presupposes a contemplative lingering. Images, today, are constructed in such a way that it is no longer possible to close your eyes"(1).

In-between is a space among silence and noise. A noisy silence or a silent noise. An interval between the image and the word, where the word unfolds into image and the image unfolds into word. A look at the little things, since“things that don’t lead to anything are of great importance”and“every ordinary thing is an element of esteem”,as the Brazilian poet Manoel de Barros used to say (2).

The images are presented as small splinters, which appear between cracks in the middle of the two extremes: the silence and the noise, the image and the word.

(1) HAN, Byung-Chul. Please close your eyes: in search of another time, p. 16. Petrópolis, RJ: Vozes, 2021, p. 16 (free transalation).

(2) BARROS, Manoel. Entitled matter of poetry. Rio de Janeiro: Alfaguarda, 2019 (free translation).

Technical file: photographs and interventions with small objects, paintings and embroidery.