The work began with the phrase “I am writing to fulfill the wait”, extracted from the novel The Night Mail by the Lebanese writer Hoda Barak, and from a small photograph adopted from the Archive Collections of Ordinary Stories (ACHO). It's an old photo of a woman leaning with one hand on a railing. Her pose reminds one of someone waiting, perhaps the very consummation of the photo.

 Based on such references, I perform various forms of writing to propose a reflection on the fragmentation of time. Time without rhythm, which disperses experiences. The time without permanence and without duration of the present. Writing is manifested through small gestures that come from the body. The body that apprehends and perceives itself in slow and repetitive acts. Repetitions soothes, bring us to the present and we become whole.

The gesture of writing. The gesture of sewing. The gesture of embroidering. The gesture of unravelling. The gesture of searching. The gesture of pasting. The gesture of painting. The gesture of hurting (the paper). The gesture of piercing. The gesture fitting in. The gesture of rolling. The gesture of cutting. The gesture of photographing. The gesture of repeating. 

(1) Translate Safa Jubran – 1st. ed. – Rio de Janeiro: Tabla, 2020.

Technical file: objects, photographs, fabric and paper.