Juliana Arruda 

1971, São Paulo/SP, Brazil.

Lives and works in São Paulo.

Visual artist, photographer, researcher, and poet (or aspiring to be), who uses photography as the main language, especially in its expanded field. Her artistic production uses experimental practices as a way of creating resistance and giving new meanings to the view tamed by the fragmentation of time. In her works, she bets on the latency of silence and the encounter between image and word to produce visual poems, videos, and sculptures, among other artistic pieces. She is interested in creating poetic works – almost tactile - in which the rough, the wrong side, time and its rugosities are powerful explorations of the very body of the images. She studied photography at the Panamericana School of Art and Design. Post-Graduate in Art Education at SENAC/SP and Master's degree in Communication and Semiotics at PUC/SP. Also graduated in Law from PUC/SP. Her first photobook “Segunda Pele” (Second Skin), edited and published in 2022 by Fotô Editorial, was awarded by the Belfast Photo Festival 2023.