ROUGH TIME (2016-2018)

We live running. Doing everything in a hurry. Suddenly, we look in the mirror and we grew older. Time has passed by, and with it, our dreams and projects.

The idea to increase productivity in less time, that comes with the Industrial Revolution, makes part of our daily lives in a modern society. But, despite the technological advance that has created several facilities, the permanent search for organization and maximum use of time produces the inverse effect.

Do we really need to live always in a hurry? Does life should be continually in an agenda? Do we always live behind schedule and running just like the White Rabbit in Lewis Carroll’s “Alice in Wonderland”?

Rough time uses a hybrid language. A mix between technical image (video and photography) and word (poems) in video art’s experiences. The work uses written word, recited word, image, video and performance, that are organized and overlapped to suggest a reflection on the indicative of passing and lack of time that affect modern life.

Technical File: 16 experiments of video art, with different duration periods, 2016 – 2018.

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