POETIC ODDS AND ENDS (2016 – 2018)

In Poetic Odds and Ends, I use details of embroideries that compose the images of Swap, to create a new project, that highlights the details and the poetry.

There are 10 poems written by me from the words balance, resistance, female, acceptance, persistence, therapeutic, swap, slow down, handmade, and freedom. 

The work is also composed of picture details, image fragments, that do not allow immediate and objective conclusions and interpretations. The images show holes, lines, and mainly embroidery pieces, after all, everything that leads nowhere is useful for poetry, as the Brazilian poet Manoel de Barros used to say. 

The poems and images are presented inside a linen box because I think that boxes are the containers of true treasures and emotional memories. So, I deal with the things inside the box as singularities and invite the observer to interact with the work. It is up to the observer to decide whether (or not) to open the box, handle the pictures and read the poems. Besides that, once the poems and pictures are presented without a specific order, it is the observer who will freely choose what to see, in which order, and how.

Technical file: Object containing poems and photos printed with mineral pigments on cotton paper. Dimensions: box 24cmx18cm and 3,5cm of height / pictures 21cmx14,45cm in paper of 23cmx17cm / poems in paper of 23cmx17cm.