Time Memory is a wall installation that incorporates embroidery to pictures that I have made in my parent’s house, where I spent my whole childhood and my youth. It shows rooms, objects, and photos that were already there.

The key was to learn to embroider to rescue emotional memories, especially from my maternal grandmother, a remarkable character in my childhood who also embroidered and sewed. The embroidery, as handwork, implies slowing down the rhythm and when embroidering pictures, I try to unite the past and the present, in order to pacify the torments and anxieties resulting from the passing of time.

The pictures were sewed into pieces of retro-style fabric, like a patchwork, referring to fragments of life. The embroidered drawings give to the pictures another meaning, with lines that, sometimes, join different images. The work is composed of a set of 30 pictures that are repeated up to a total of 81, varying just on the embroidered interventions, relating to several possibilities of paths, stories, and memories.

The work also consists of an artist's book and 10 photographs chosen from 81 that compose the patchwork and re-photographed before being sewed on the fabric.

Technical file: (1) Wall installation composed by 81 printed photos with mineral pigments on 'Kozo' paper, handy embroidered and sewed on a cotton fabric patchwork basis, dimension of 175cm x 143cm. (2) 10 photographies printed with mineral pigments. (3) Artist's book, dimension of 15 x 21 cm, printed on pollen paper and sewn by hand.