SWAP (2016 - 2017)

In Swap I seek to give new meanings to the references of the images by photographing textures, embroidery, and words.

The textures were chosen because, in my opinion, they are organic and neutral containers of memories, which allow reconstructions. Such images were structured following the patterns suggested by the textures themselves and gained new possibilities of interpretation. However, I understood that there were only fragments of possibilities and felt the need to incorporate embroidery.

I did not know how to embroider and so I had to learn. I became part of a group of women who embroider, we embroidered close to one another and as we worked, we exchanged and shared experiences and knowledge.

My immersion in the group, as an apprentice and observer, allowed me to sew new purposes for those reconstructed images. As a result of the exchanges established in the group, the words that are shown in the photos and the embroidery appeared. The words are just possibilities of interpretation to the images once the pictures are abstract and allow open associations to the observer.

Interweaving fully reconstructed photography and embroidery, the work aligns paths and proposes other views, inviting the observer to look inside out, undo everything and imagine new conclusions.

The series Swap is composed by 11 pictures in black and White, created (exception made to one of them) to be presented back and forth.

Technical file: pictures printed with mineral pigments on ‘Kozo’ paper and handy embroidered. Dimensions of 25cmx25cm, with margins of 3cm and 9cm, except for a picture with margins of 3cm and 6cm.

balance. resistance. female. acceptance. persistence. therapeutic. swap. slow down. handmade. freedom.